ALT Series test sets are designed for testing aerial lift devices (bucket trucks) but can also serve as portable, versatile all-purpose AC testers with an output of 0-60/120 kV AC @ 7 kVA, ideal for field, plant, and substation testing.



HVI produces AC voltage testers that perform boom and liner testing, with models available up to 300 kV AC for boom testing and 10 kVA for liner testingThe ALT Series is designed for AC voltage testing aerial lift devices. The standard models available are rated 120/60 kV AC, 200 kV AC, and 300 kV AC, rated up to 7 kVA.

The popular ALT-120/60 is the most powerful and full-featured standard aerial lift tester available. It was initially designed for testing bucket truck booms and liners, but its dual output voltages, high power rating, and mobility make it ideal for field testing other high capacitance loads requiring AC withstand testing.


0-120 kV AC / 0-60 kV AC Tap
up to 3.6 kVA on resistive load
up to 7.2 kVA on capacitive load

0-210 kV AC / 0-50 kV AC Tap
up to 3 kVA on resistive load
up to 7 kVA on capacitive load

0 – 300 kV AC
up to 7 kVA on all loads

Liner testers available up to 50 kV AC @ 10 kVA