ARTES 460 | 600


Compact test system for three-phase tests, can be used as a universal tool for testing digital protection relays.


Compact test system for highly complex test tasks. 4 voltage outputs and 6 current outputs which can provide particularly high output power allow three-phase tests on static, digital and self-powered relays.



System description

ARTES 460 | 600 test instruments have been specially developed for harsh transport and operational conditions. A very effective cooling system and automatic fan control reduce the noise generated by the test instruments to a barely perceptible level.

Current and voltage amplifiers

ARTES 460 | 600 test systems have four voltage outputs and six current outputs. The test quantities are monitored constantly by means of an internal feedback measurement of the output signals.

Test currents of up to 96 A with parallel operation

The current amplifiers of the ARTES 600 provide a maximum test current of 6 x 32 A. Parallel operation of the current outputs allows output of up to 3 x 64 A for 3-phase applications and up to 96 A for 1-phase applications.