The TR-1P is the same instrument as the TR-1 but with a built in printer with that you are able to print out our measurement results directly in the field.



The TR-1P is a high precision, fully automatic, microprocessor based, Single Phase Transformer Turns Ratio Test systems. This system is designed for highly accurate readings on-site with laboratory precision.

It is a lightweight system that come complete its own rugged waterproof fieldcase.

There is No maintenance required. There is No calibration procedure (No potentiometers to turn). This is due to the utilization of high precision components in the design.

Advanced Protection: Upon powering on the system initializes itself with a self-calibrating, circuit checking sequence. If any problems are detected during this initialization period, or during operation, the operator is immediately notified. The system constantly monitors the condition of the transformer under test. The TR-1P can even recognize shorted leads and will terminate the test without any damage to the test equipment. This works especially well when test leads accidentally fall free from the transformer while under full voltage measurement. This, incidentally, is one of the many reasons why we can extend our warranty to 2 years.